Outdoor Recreation | There’s No “Off-Season” in Taylor County!

Make Taylor County your home away from home any time of year. From the luminous, warm days of summer to the crisp and exciting chill of winter, opportunities abound for immersing yourself — and your entire family– in the outdoors.

Set up camp in our national, state, county and privately-owned campgrounds, parks and wildlife reserves. You’ll enjoy front-row seats to Mother Nature’s grand display of animal and bird life, forest scenery, and a night sky full of stars. Set out on adventures on hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails, or put your boat in for a day of recreation on the water. Even our cities and towns maintain a connection with nature through urban parks and trails.

Hunting and fishing are prominent draws to this pristine region of northern Wisconsin with ample land, wildlife populations, and dedication to land management that can only lead to a satisfying hunt. Hone your skills at the ranges, sport shooting facilities, and sportsmen’s clubs in the county. Several top-notch outfitter shops in the county keep you equipped with gear and time-tested expertise.

While most people think of summer as the prime time for outdoor recreation, there is plenty more in store in Taylor County the rest of the year. When the temperatures dip and the seasons begin to change, the fun is just beginning. Autumn is an especially spectacular time to visit and experience the wonder of the fall colors. Vistas of red, gold, orange, and bright yellow as far as the eye can see draw many to the area for a crisp hike or scenic drive. When the colors fade and winter settles in, snowmobilers, snowshoers, cross-country skiers, and dog-sledders take over the trails to discover the magical atmosphere of winter in the woods.

All year long, True nature lovers find their ideal vacation spot in Taylor County. Come find yours!